I wanted to write a blog tonight about a day in the life of the girls on their holiday vacation. Today wasn’t technically their holiday vacation because they were supposed to be in school today, but alas, it was too cold. It was 3 degrees when we woke up this morning, and we live in GA. I laughed the night before when I received the two minute call from the district telling us that there would be no school because of the cold. What?!?!? Who doesn’t have school because it’s chilly out? Us. That’s who. Basically, the schools couldn’t trust that us parents would dress our kids appropriately so they had to close school. Fine. One more day at home with the girls.

We did lots of stuff today. Well, the girls did lots of stuff, and I mostly worked. They made the most delicious chocolate chip cookies with only minor supervision.

They created an awesome tent with some limited assistance.

They dressed Josie up in a pink ribbon.

And they had a delicious dinner prepared by the talented Angie Moore.

All of this was awesome. Then they went to bed, and I started contemplating the day. They had so much fun today, and I worked. Tomorrow I travel for business and get home Thursday night. Over the next few weeks, I have several other trips planned.

I like my work. I love my children. I still can’t always reconcile those things. I can’t always put them in separate boxes and say that I can be great at both. Sometimes I just feel mediocre at both, and I worry that the girls will look back on their live and feel like I wasn’t there enough. Plus, I won’t end up anywhere with my career so I’ll just be a crappy mother who had a career with no meaning. I know. It’s a dark place, but sometimes it’s just where you end up at the end of the day.

I guess I hope that my girls don’t face these same issues. I hope that they can have their cake and eat it too. I hope that they can go to bed at night and feel like their best self in every way. I hope that they feel happy in whatever choices they make.

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