Hailey loves swimming. We are supportive parents. Thus, we attend all of her swim meets as a family.

I think all three of the statements above are awesome and as life should be. And yet, we’ve been sitting at this YMCA in Northwest Bumble-Butt for 4 hours, and we still have 2 events to go! Yes, I said 4 hours! Actually, we’re going on 4 and a half hours. It’s kind of outrageous. We might get home by 9:30pm at the rate that we are going. None of us have had any decent amount of dinner, unless you count over-oiled popcorn, frozen yogurt, a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato, and Snickers bars as dinner (which I don’t by the way). Good thing we all had a good lunch.

The thing is, you can’t blame Hailey. It’s not her fault that her swim team has 1 million kids and this pool only has 4 lanes and no starting blocks. She can’t be held accountable for the lack of organization or the spacing of the events she swims in 1-35-45-65-75.

I love watching her, don’t get me wrong. Oh, and she’s really good. She placed 6th in her 50-freestyle today, which doesn’t sound good, but the only kids who beat her were 8, and she beat some 8-year olds too. She also has a 2nd and a 3rd place so far in this meet. She loves getting ribbons, and we started a scrap book this year so that she could keep her ribbons nice and all together. That’s exciting for her too.

So, I realize I’m just killing time here until her next race. We are on 61, and she swims 65. Unfortunately, these are IMs which take roughly FOREVER. I guess I could at least post a picture or a video so here goes.

Nope. Total fail. Can’t figure it out. It’s on Luke’s Facebook page.

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