Today is the first of what I’m sure will be 2-3 “snow” days for the girls. At the moment, it’s raining…just raining! However, they’ve predicted snow and ice so we are all home from school. Since Luke is out of town, I’m on duty for the next few days – working at home.

Working at home when the girls are off from school generally amounts to sneaking in work and conference calls in between attending to their many needs. As an illustration of how difficult it is, I thought I’d keep a diary today.

8:30am – I ask for privacy while going to the bathroom. Without moving, Sophia covers her eyes with her hands and says “there, are you finished yet?”

8:32am – Sneak away to the basement to play a few minutes of soccer with Sophia.

8:46am – Back up to the office to set up for the day and prep for my first meeting at 9am. Get the girls started with their Rainbow Looms.

9:02am – Just got on the call, and we have our first Rainbow Loom emergency. Time to mute to attend to the rubber band crisis at hand.

9:42am – Off the call, but in comes Sophia: “Mommy, we’re having a tea party, and we want you to come.”

9:44am – “Mommy, I have some food that you can eat.” Good God, what does that mean? “It’s popcorn, and it’s in there.” Oh gross, she’s going to make me eat popcorn that’s been sitting on the counter since yesterday.

9:46am – Finish email and rush to tea party across the hall to find that they had actually made tea, complete with tea bag. Unfortunately, they didn’t actually heat the water. So, I shall drink tepid brown water now. Oh, and eat the day old popcorn too.

10:03am – Sophia: “Mommy, don’t you want to eat your popcorn?” Me: “I don’t know. How long have you been chewing that piece in your mouth.” Sophia: “a while.” Yum.

10:25am – Learned an important trick…told them that they had to clean up so they could do homework. Haven’t heard from them since! Perhaps “homework” is the magic word.

10:42am – Homework was an epic fail. News flash – Sophia can’t read. That translates into me doing her homework with her, which precludes me from doing my own work (of course).

11:18am – Is it too early to eat lunch? Can we go somewhere? Please? Anywhere?

11:20am – Getting ready for a mass exodus from the house. Nothing is open. Did I mention that it’s just raining? RAINING!!!

Leaving the house necessitates us changing out of our pajamas (even me).

11:37am – We made it to Chick-fil-A despite the RAIN. It’s the only place I can think of that would be open and has a playground. Sure I don’t agree with their politics, but putting my screaming children onto their playground is a bit of a punishment, isn’t it? And not putting them on the playground is punishing who? Me? Not cool.

Plus, they are adorable drinking their little shake together…

12:51pm – It’s after noon now and I have conference calls pretty much until the end of the day. That can mean only one thing – Movie Time!

2:38pm – It’s been quite now for sometime. They have been watching and rewatching mini-minion movies. Very nice.

2:49pm – Melissa just arrived…Praise the Lord! Help has come to save us all.

3:32pm – Melissa and Hailey are embroiled in a spirited game of Monopoly while I am back on the phone.

4:32pm – I’m juggling a conference call with a trip to swim practice where Hailey is doing this.


5:58pm – Just arrived home to find that Mel has purchased and cooked crawfish. I’ve never had them before so we all get to try something new and exciting.

6:02pm – Crawfish = massive disappointment. It’s like taking the time to dig a string out of a shoelace and trying to eat it. Not much substance and even less flavor. Oh well. She also made pasta, which is something we can all love.

7:24pm – The girls just finished licking the beaters after making some awesome cookies with Mel. Of course, none of us needs cookies right now, but I can sure use another glass of wine.

9:12pm – Just turned back to my work. Time to actually cross some things off of my To Do list for the day. At least I’ve finished this blog. CHECK!

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