It’s the Easter-eve, and the girls are snug in their beds. Of course, Sophia couldn’t go to sleep until she confirmed that the Easter Bunny would visit our house…

Sophia: What if the Easter Bunny misses our house?

Me: He won’t

Sophia: How do you know?

Me: Because I pre-arranged it.

Sophia: How did you call him?

Me: I didn’t. I went to the Easter Bunny website of course.

Ok. That’s about all that I could come up with on the fly, but my response really isn’t the point. The fact is that this kid is going to figure out all of these little stories that we tell.

I actually wonder if Sophia is going to figure everything out before Hailey. She’ll just keep asking all of the right questions, and one day I won’t have the answers anymore.

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