We survived Hailey’s first major sleepover birthday party. We had three girls plus Hailey which actually equates to 327 screeching girls if you are counting by the sound alone. I feel the need to document the pros and cons of a sleepover party so that I never forget what it’s like.

Pro: Virtually no planning is required because they entertain themselves.

Con: Their form of entertainment requires screeching (different than screaming) and running around.

Pro: You pretty much have the evening to yourself because they don’t really want you around.

Con: You can’t actually do anything because you can’t hear yourself think or talk or breathe.

Pro: You can put on a movie for them

Con: The movie room ends up looking like this, and all they’ve been doing is conserving their energy for as long as they can sit still to watch.

Pro: They will sleep anywhere.

Con: And by “sleep” I mean play until 2am at which point I will pound up the stairs, turn off the lights, and then lay on the couch listening for another sound.

Pro: Hailey has lots of fun.

Con: Everyone is cranky in the morning, including me. Everyone refuses to take a nap, except me.

And that concludes my list. I wish I had taken more pictures of them all sprawled out all over the bedroom floor then crammed onto the bunk beds. They did have a great time, and were really sweet girls. I could have lived without the screeching though!

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