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Unnecessary Suffering

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Why won’t I just take the allergy medicine???? I get allergies every fall, but I hate taking the drugs. Maybe I’m just trying to train my body to make something other than snot. I’m sure Sophia could totally use more milk. Could we make that instead? If you want to make an investment in some [...]

THE Definitive Poop Story

In: Bodily Functions

I know that you are probably wondering, “How many more poop stories can you possibly share with us?  We have better things to do than to read about Sophia’s every bowel movement.” Well, first of all, if I chronicled every single bowel movement, I would be writing blogs twice a day about poop explosions, and [...]

Spitting Talent

In: Bodily Functions

If Sophia was a fairy in Pixie Hollow, her special talent would be spitting.  You heard me…spitting.  Well, it might be pooping, but I think that we’ve covered that in excruciating detail.  So, let’s go with spitting. Now, when she’s born of a baby’s laugh or a tinkling bell or whatever it is, I’m not [...]

Teething BLEEP!

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Hailey: OOOOO….You said a bad word! Mommy: I most certainly did not say a bad word, but I thought a bad word…a very bad word. I’m thinking bad words because your sister is making me crazy. Hailey: Josie is making me crazy. Daddy is making me crazy. Are you making me crazy, Mommy? Mommy: Ugh. [...]


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Ok. It’s been a long time since I’ve written about my children’s bodily functions. So, can I just take a moment to say…POOP!!! What is with Sophia’s POOP? It has to be in capital letters because that’s what it is…POOP! Seriously, why do we bother to put on diapers? It’s almost like we put on [...]

Do You Smell That?

In: Bodily Functions, sophia

As I was strapping Sophia into the car this morning, I smelled something a little funky. I looked down and her entire front was covered with poop. Now that she’s spending so much time crawling around the floor (video coming soon), she can actually explode out the back OR the front. Not realizing this at [...]

Yum Yum

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Sophia Eats from luke hamilton on Vimeo. If you ever need a laugh, try feeding a newborn a food that she’s never tried before. Little Sophia has been such a trooper. We’ve tried rice cereal, bananas, and applesauce so far, and her reaction is always the same. She is interested in what’s going on, she [...]

Gross, Gross, Gross

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There’s nothing a Mommy likes better than to be pooped on and puked on in the same day. That was my special treat today. It started at a colleague’s going away party with all of the people from my office. I had Sophia with me, sitting on my lap. I didn’t hear anything to tip [...]

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