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Just One More Hit

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If you read this blog regularly, you should know almost everything about breastfeeding, but here’s something that you might not know…breastfeeding makes you happy. I know. I know. I bitch about it all the time so how could it make me happy? Well, that’s the miracle of hormones, Ladies and Gentleman. Ah, beautiful womanly hormones. [...]

The Weaning

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It’s that time again – time to wean! Ugh. I dread it. I know you are thinking, “What the hell? All you’ve done is complain about breastfeeding for 9 months and now you’re complaining about stopping.” Well, yes, yes I am going to complain because I’m a chronic complainer, and the only thing worse than [...]

Another Breastfeeding Blog…Sorry

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Yeah, we’re back on the subject of the boobs.  Well, not the boobs so much as the general subject of breastfeeding.  It’s amazing to me that I don’t write every single blog about breastfeeding because I probably breastfeed more times per day than I pee.  I’d have to actually track that to be sure, but [...]

Critical System Failure

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It seems that my once abundantly producing milk machines have incurred some type of inexplicable system failure. In other words, my milk is drying up. I don’t know how or why this is happening. I’ve always produced more than enough milk, but suddenly that’s just not the case anymore. Since I can’t fix the problem [...]

School Nurse

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Ah the school nurse’s office.  Remember that?  Remember the half-sterile smell?  The uncomfortable pleather cot?  Remember the thrill when the nurse diagnosed that you were truly sick and would have to call your parents to pick you up?  Remember the triple thrill when you had a big test that day? Well, I needed the school [...]

Can I Get Some Equality, Please

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Here are pictures of two products that I use every day. The first is my breast pump. Well, not my actual breast pump, but one that is newer and nicer than mine. The second is my iPhone. Now, let me remind you that I use both products multiple times every single day. The iPhone can [...]


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I’d like to make a self diagnosis. Sophia is the youngest baby to have ADD. Yeah, ADD. The kid can’t focus on anything. I can’t nurse her for more than 20 seconds without her stopping to look around. It only takes the slightest noise – a sister screaming, a dog barking, a fly buzzing at [...]

Breastfeeding…The Ugly Truth

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If anyone ever tries to tell you that breastfeeding is the most wonderful experience in a woman’s life, just look at them and say “Liar, liar boobs on fire.” Because it is a lie, a lie that is perpetuated breastfeeding extremists and Mom’s who are so far removed from the actual experience that they have [...]

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