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A Day In the Life – Post Script

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I wanted to write a blog tonight about a day in the life of the girls on their holiday vacation. Today wasn’t technically their holiday vacation because they were supposed to be in school today, but alas, it was too cold. It was 3 degrees when we woke up this morning, and we live in [...]

Status Quo

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Happy 2014!!! This is the first New Year’s Eve that we’ve ever spent with the girls awake. It was actually a complete fluke that they were awake. Hailey had a bloody nose at 11:45pm. She’s had bloody noses before, but rarely at night or of this magnitude. Luke used to get them all the time, [...]

Christmas Spirit

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We’ve been so swamped with Christmas activities that it’s been difficult to find time to write, although I will I was capturing more of the insanity. Regardless, we try to make each Christmas Eve about giving to others rather than receiving. Last year we cooked dinner for a homeless shelter in town. Every year we [...]

Thanksgiving Surprise

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This Thanksgiving we were disappointed when Grandpa Gary couldn’t come to visit us. That left us with no out-of-towners coming to visit, which is a little odd for a Hamilton holiday. Still, we had the Michotek family and Angie Moore coming for dinner. Angie, Luke and I were prepping for our meal in the morning [...]

Halloween – Better Late Than Never?

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This year we all thought that we would be animals. The family came up with some specific options for me…Hailey said that I should be a poodle (my least favorite option). Sophia wanted me to be a dolphin and Luke wanted me to be a three-toed-sloth (no idea on that last one). Anyway, it wasn’t [...]

Let’s Climb

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Since it was President’s Day today, everyone was off from school and work, and we wanted to do something fun together. What better way to enjoy the day than to go rock climbing? There’s actually a giant rock climbing gym right near our house, and we’ve never bothered to stop in before. After a few [...]

Mardi Gras

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Family Traditions

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We have been staying home for Christmas for several years in a row now, and I have to admit that the first year or two Christmas felt a little empty without having all of our family around. Over the past few years, we have really made a point to start developing our own traditions. We [...]

Thanksgiving Round-Up

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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year over at our friend Angie’s house. We had some fun visitors – Auntie Ann and Melissa. The girls loved having them in town (and so did we). The Thanksgiving itself was pretty easy because Angie and her family did 90% of the work. We just showed up around [...]

Fourth of July

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We didn’t have any huge plans for the fourth this year since it fell on a Wednesday. We were able to catch some fireworks at our local park (along with thousands of other people). Neither of the girls had any trouble with the noise. They were just totally enthralled with the whole thing until Sophia [...]

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