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Master Chef Junior

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Luke and I love to cook. Well, Luke loves to cook. I just CAN cook, and I mostly do it for utilitarian reasons using other people’s recipes. I’m a recipe type of gal. Luke is a maverick – I know you’re shocked about that. He never cooks using just one recipe, has no formal training, [...]

Biggest Loser

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Sometimes I wonder how much of what we tell the girls at this age they will remember when they are older. Let me give you a hysterical example… Last night Hailey was pouting about something. Luke and I have low tolerance for pouting so we were giving her a hard time about it. Then Luke [...]

Weekend Project

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My very patient husband took my “advice” to build our garage shelving unit this weekend. Grandpa G was kind enough to provide both the plans and a detailed schedule of how this project could be achieved in 24 hours. It took a bit longer than that, but …

What Can I Say

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This is our crazy vacation week, and by vacation, I mean something just for Luke and I. Not a family vacation. Nope, the first vacation for Luke and I without kids in 3 years. It was tough to leave the girls while they begged us to stay, but in reality, they have no interest in [...]

This Was the Year

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This was our third year of making a cake for Hailey. I really thought we had it figured out this year. We had a plan on Friday night which is 2 days prior to the party. Luke also declared that I was in charge of baking the cakes on Saturday morning (huge sigh of relief [...]

Rockin’ Weekend

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We had such a fun weekend up in the mountains with some friends last weekend.  Lots of eating, drinking, resting, reading, talking, eating, drinking (did I say that already?) Anyway, on Monday, I was feeling very guilty because I kept a very big secret from you.  There was another Luke cake incident!  Originally, I had [...]

Episode 7: Ta Freakin’ Da

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He made it. Well, technically, he didn’t make it because at 3:05 he was still working on it, but no kids had shown up yet. So, I’m considering giving it to him. Although, if he were on Food Network Challenge, he would be disqualified. Also, Kerry would not have liked his fondant work. Since I’m [...]

Episode 6: The Final Frontier

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Ok. I know that the title is a mix with Star Trek, but we’re in the final hours here so I need a pass on that one. It’s 30 minutes until party time and the cake is not done. It’s close, but not done. Fingers crossed, Everyone!

Episode 5: The Phantom Frosting

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It’s 9:34pm. He has 8…count them 8…cakes baked. Wait. Are there really 8? Yes. 4 chocolate (2 different types of chocolate, of course) and 4 vanilla. I have tasted every cake, and my teeth now feel like they are about to fall right out of my head. I hope that I have no dentist appointments [...]

Episode 4: The Great Cake Race

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I know the plan. Wait. Let me rephrase. I know the form that the final cake is supposed to take. I will not tell you, but I’ll let you guess. Is it: a) Queen Amidala – made with one of the 50 Queen Amidala dolls that my husband has been hoarding since before he realized [...]

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