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Spring is upon us in Atlanta. Actually, it’s just about summer here, and we’ve been super busy. Between planting the garden, picking strawberries, finishing up school, losing teeth, playing in the park, and just generally carrying on, we’ve been moving pretty quickly around here. Not much time for writing, but we’ve had so much fun. [...]

I Have a Hypothesis

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Maybe twice a week the girls watch PBS Kids in the morning. PBS is constantly changing its line-up in the morning which makes me a little crazy, but right now they can watch Dinosaur Train during the 30 minutes that we have to get ready. One of the refains from Dinosaur Train is “I have [...]

Always an Adventure

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Now that we are settled in to our new blog, can I just tell you one funny story from the weekend?  So, we had a huge festival in our neighborhood on Saturday.  We took the girls up there for a while, but we were all tired by the end so we came home to recoup [...]

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