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A Little Behind

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Fine…I’ll admit it. We are a little behind on our picture posting. I realize that it is June and I’m trying to entice you with pictures from Easter, but you know, we’ve been a little busy. Also, there were some technical difficulties and some other things going and also a new camera to figure out. [...]

Sunny Winter Days Video

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Sunny Winter Days (GH2 Test) from luke hamilton on Vimeo. Thanks to Luke for all of the cinematography and editing!

Wardrobe Malfeasance

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Grandma put this skirt on Sophia today. I argued adamantly that this was Hailey’s skirt. Hailey has been wearing it all summer long. I probably have pictures of her in this skirt. Turns out, it’s a 12M size. Oops. PS: This is precisely why little children should not wear white shirts!

Down on the Farm

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On Saturday morning, the Hamilton clan visited Southern Belle Farms in McDonough, GA. It was quite a thrill for Hailey who has been studying farms at school. It was quite a thrill for Sophia because there was an endless supply of strawberries. I honestly cannot tell you how many she ate while we were out [...]

Cake Crusader Pics Available

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There are a few more pics from the cake debacle on Flickr. Grandpa G took most of the pics at the party so we’ll have to wait for him to post them.

Wipes, Wipes, and More Wipes

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I happened upon Sophia playing with her container of wipes. Hey, What’s This? Mmm…These Are Delicious A Tasty Treat for Sure Making a Use for the Wipes in my Pants Uh Oh…a Little Help Mom Post Poop Diaper Refusal

DZ Chronicles

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Today, I decided that what this blog really needs is an ongoing series, and what better topic than a chronicle of the adventures of our little DZ. I thought that it would take me several days to compile enough DZ scenarios to put together a week’s worth of material, but guess what? She provided so [...]

DC Pics

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Checking Out the Bear Paws at Natural History Museum Passed Out After a Big Day Oh No! Daddy Got Eaten Sophia in the Cute Hat Warming Up with Hot Chocolate

Quick Trip

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We took off for a quick visit to DC this afternoon.  I’m pretty excited to have a long weekend with our family. Cocktails on the Plane, Sophia Cool Kid Mover

Many Faces of Sophia

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We took Sophia’s 8 month pictures this morning.  Although there are many expressions here, I’m always struck by how fast she cycles between them.  All of these were taken within a 10 minute span! There are more on Flickr.

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