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In My Defense

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I’m at the point with this blog where I’ve missed so much that I don’t even know how to catch up. So, I’m not going to really try. I’m just going to start from where I am because that’s the best place to start. Thus, I’m just going to tell you that I feel the [...]

iPhone4 Debacle – Update

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After I talked to my husband at 5am to explain to him the unfortunate turn of events that led to me deactivating his phone, he literally laughed at me, to which I took absolutely no offense. This whole technology thing is not my cup of tea, and I’m even lazier about it since he solves [...]

iPhone Debacle

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Happy iPhone4 Release Day, everyone! Of course, we received our new iPhones yesterday because we are the earliest of adopters. We are like the pre-adopters, the time-warp-back-in-time adopters, the stand-in-line-at-the-Apple-Store-for-12-hours adopters, the-I’m-the-one-who-stole-that-guy’s-prototype-phone-at-the-bar adopters. You have to be a super geek or wife of a geek to get that last one. Anyway, you get the idea. [...]

Happily Married

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I just wanted to make the announcement that I have decided to marry Modern Family. I know, it’s a little soon. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a little, but we are sooooo in love. Plus, we’ve been going steady for like 3 whole weeks now. Our affair has gotten steadily more hilarious, which leads me [...]

Going Steady

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I think I’ve found my show…Accidentally on Purpose on CBS.  I’ve only seen the pilot so far, but I’m intrigued.  It was laugh out loud funny, had a great cast, and covers topics that are near and dear to my heart (that would be pregnancy, not one night stands…geez).  Plus, when I went to look [...]

Update on the Dating Scene

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I almost broke up with Glee last night.  I’m giving it one more chance but only because the crazy cheerleading coach will be on more.  I’m not sure how everyone else felt abut it, but it wasn’t one of my favorites.


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I’m dating again.  Don’t tell Luke.  Okay, he already knows because I talk about it constantly.  I’m dating new TV shows.  It’s been years since I’ve been on the market for a good show, but I felt like I could handle a little extra TV love this season.  I’m not looking for anything too serious.  [...]

40 Days

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It’s been raining for 40 days and 40 nights. Ok. Maybe not exactly that long, but close enough. Our roof is leaking, our roads are flooded, our children are stir crazy, and our animals are waiting for us to build an arc. Remember last year when we were in a severe drought and couldn’t water [...]

I am NOT a Pessimist

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I am not a pessimist. I’m just from Buffalo. And when you are from Buffalo, you have to be a bit skeptical about your sports teams. You have to be, let’s say, reserved in your enthusiasm because our teams lose. But they don’t just lose like normal teams. No, they lose in the most heartbreaking [...]

Sen. Edward (Ted) Kennedy

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I can’t stop watching the coverage of Sen. Kennedy’s death. I’ve cried multiple times. For me, he was an icon for much of what I believe in. I know that many people disagree with his politics or despise the way he lived his life. But whether or not you liked him or agreed with his [...]

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