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Notes from the Backseat

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I hope that I can accurately transcribe the conversation that occurred in the car this evening… Hailey: Mom, I would like to learn about what it was like to live as a Native American. Me: Ok. Well, then next time we go camping, you can sleep under the stars and make your own shelter. Hailey: [...]

Sunday Morning

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I actually woke up before the girls today. That fact is completely irrelevant to the story, but I wanted it on record anyway. The actualy story is this…the girls very very rarely ever watch TV. In part that’s because we don’t have cable, but it’s also b/c I don’t want them watching a lot of [...]


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Luke and I play a fun game musical game sometimes. Well, it’s not actually fun for me, so I made it fun by being obnoxious and stubborn. That’s pretty much how I deal with anything I don’t like. Here’s how it works. Luke asks me who sings a song on the radio. Not knowing the [...]

Costume Quandry

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Every year we begin asking the girls what they want to be for Halloween every week for months in advance. Usually we get conflicting answers each week. This year, however, their choices have been extremely consistent. Hailey wants to be Merida from Brave and Sophia wants to be Lightning McQueen from Cars. I was super [...]

Yellow Car

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I don’t know what Grandpa Pete was thinking when he returned from a trip visiting family in AZ and taught the girls a new game to play while driving. The game is quite simple really – the first one to point out a yellow car driving down the road gets a point. See it sounds [...]

Golden Rule

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Sometimes the conversation between the girls is so funny that I can barely hold it together. For example, tonight we had an incident where Sophia hit Hailey with a fake flower. Hailey took that opportunity to teach Sophia about the Golden Rule. She told Sophia that it’s important to treat others the way you want [...]

The Mystery (Plus Final Chain Decision)

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Before I go any further, let me say that the insane folk have spoken, and I am totally retyping that chain letter tomorrow. It’s going to take me 5 minutes to do it. I actually thought about making Hailey retype it, but I don’t have that type of time. So, I’ve already bought the stickers [...]

Polygamy Pete

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If Peter Pan were a polygamist and his real name was Cathy Rigby performing in the British stage version of the famous story, I can guarantee you that he would have two wives. Their names would be Hailey and Sophia. How do I know that? Because my children are obsessed with this How did this [...]

Only Child

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Over the next three days, Sophia will have an amazing treat. She will be an only child. No, we didn’t send Hailey to summer boarding school (not yet anyway). Hailey is actually enjoying a mini-summer vacation (2.5 days) in Buffalo. I know, it’s not Florida, but there’s a pool so she doesn’t know the difference. [...]

Days 2 and 3

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Not a single tear has been shed since day 1. Day 2 both girls marched right into their classrooms with no problems. They were carrying their bathing suits and towels because it was water play day. That may have been the key to the entire morning. Today was ice cream day so they each had [...]

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