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Hailey has been asking to have her ears pierced for almost as long as she could talk. I remember the first time she brought it up like it was yesterday. We were in the car on the way home from daycare, and she still had a little girl lisp. It’s been a long time since [...]

Inquiring Minds

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It’s the Easter-eve, and the girls are snug in their beds. Of course, Sophia couldn’t go to sleep until she confirmed that the Easter Bunny would visit our house… Sophia: What if the Easter Bunny misses our house? Me: He won’t Sophia: How do you know? Me: Because I pre-arranged it. Sophia: How did you [...]

Public Service Announcements – Take 1

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This is the first of several unprompted and spontaneous public service announcements from our very favorite resident four-year-old. WP 20140114 003 from luke hamilton on Vimeo.

Old Married Couple?

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For years, we’ve known that Hailey would marry Corbin Songer. We’ve known this since the kids could talk and betrothed themselves to each other. It doesn’t matter that they only see each other twice a year. It just is. Anyway, so we’re here at the Songers this weekend, and I nearly died when I heard [...]

Oh There’s so Much to Say?

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What you just saw probably made no sense to you. Let me tell you that I saw it live, and the whole thing made no sense to me either.

The Value of a Buck

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This post is not about the girls having an allowance. On the contrary, they don’t get an allowance. Instead they earn iPad time for simple chores around the house. It’s a brilliant system really and has simultaneously limited the amount of time they spend staring at a screen and improved their usefulness around the house. [...]

Beyond Her Years

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Yesterday I had this conversation with Sophia… Me: Sophia, why are you not brushing your teeth? Sophia: Because Daddy wants me to play a Cars II game. Me: [no comment...just a skeptical look] Sophia: I know. I said “what the…” No. She didn’t say anything after “what the….” It would have been less funny if [...]

Ice Cream Flu

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I’m not feeling well today. There’s a bit of a cold going around these days. I’ve retired to the bedroom, but this is the conversation that I just heard: Sophia: Daddy, can I have some ice cream? Luke: I thought that you weren’t feeling well. Sophia: Well, it’s not the flu. It’s just my germs [...]

Ball Hog

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Well, Miss Sophia started soccer practice today. We clearly have the opposite problem with her as we had with Hailey. Hailey was so timid with soccer that she looked more like she was casually inviting people into her area of the field than defending it. In fact, we were thrilled if she touched the ball [...]

Interpretive Learning

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I always think that it’s hysterical when Sophia relays what happened at school each day. Last year I was able to talk to her teacher every day to find out what actually happened. Now, her teacher is long gone before I get there after 5:00pm (oh yeah, because school ends at 2:15 which is another [...]

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