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Swim Meets…Ugh!

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Hailey loves swimming. We are supportive parents. Thus, we attend all of her swim meets as a family. I think all three of the statements above are awesome and as life should be. And yet, we’ve been sitting at this YMCA in Northwest Bumble-Butt for 4 hours, and we still have 2 events to go! [...]

Bye Bye Soccer

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We have been debating what sports the girls want to play after the current round of swim. Turns out that Hailey does not want to do soccer again. So, we are doing two different sports in the spring. Hailey is going to do swim stroke clinics and then baseball. Sophia is going to do soccer. [...]

Soccer Part 2

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Because Luke and I were on our week long retreat last week, we missed Hailey’s first soccer game. I guess that means that we have sacrificed our parents of the year trophy for this year. Oh well. Actually, I was really sad to miss the game, and it was tough to rely on just Grandma’s [...]

Monumental Day

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Today I became a Soccer Mom. Oh yeah, and my kids started soccer…blah blah. Wait. Isn’t this blog all about me. Fine. I’ll tell you about the girls. Well, just about Hailey because Sophia starts next week and basically just disrupted practice several times. Regardless, Hailey did great following directions and getting into the flow [...]

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