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First Day

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Today was the first day of school! The first day at Montgomery ever for Sophia. She was so excited, but had a few jitters when we finally made it to the classroom. She didn’t cry, but there were some tears welling up in her eyes. Of course, by the time I picked her up, she [...]

Lemonade Sale

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Today was the neighborhood garage sale, and it was also 95 degrees out. So, we decided that it would be great for the girls to have a little Lemonade Stand. They did a great job. Hailey made all of the lemonade and manned the booth most of the morning. She was a little shy about [...]

Bad Idea Jeans

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Does anyone else remember that Saturday Night Live skit? Anyway, yesterday was Hailey’s last day of school before Thanksgiving. We decided that we would take her for a treat for dinner. Luke gave her a choice of places, and she decided that she wanted brinner (breakfast for dinner). Bad Idea #1 – letting Hailey pick. [...]

Birds, Bees, and Seeds

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Tonight Hailey helped me clean the seeds out of a bunch of peppers that we picked in the garden (yes, the rain had some positives). As she was cleaning out the seeds, I explained to her all about how if we put the seeds in the ground, they would grow more pepper plants. Then, we [...]

“My Mom Is Really Great”

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Hailey and Sophia’s school was having a Read-a-Thon today. They had volunteers come in to read to the classrooms. Since I get volunteer hours off at work, I decided to go in to read some stories. I read to Hailey’s class first, and as I was leaving, I heard her say to her friends “My [...]

Earth to Hailey

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I know that this shouldn’t come as a surprise to me, but my child has an imagination of her own. It’s kind of shocking. Well, it’s particularly shocking when she’s walking around the house talking in different voices, and I wonder to myself whether she’s telling herself a story or she’s just schizophrenic. I think [...]

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