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Camp Quotes

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Some of our favorites from the weekend… “I have a problem…my canoe is bigger than my rack.” -Angie “Peeing in the woods is a life skill, and you’re going to have to learn eventually.” -Me to Hailey “Josie, don’t eat rocks. Well, that’s something I never thought I’d have to say.” -Me “Girls, you can’t [...]

September Camping

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Fall camping Part 1. I don’t even know where to begin. We set off for Lake Allatoona right after school on Thursday to begin our long weekend. The car was PACKED! I think that poor Josie suffered the worst seat in the house. Thursday night was gorgeous, and the kids were immediately playing in the [...]

Just Because

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We had to cancel our camping trip last weekend because of the rain. It sucks to get all excited for a trip, do all the prepping, and then cancel at the last possible second. Regardless, we made the most of the weekend with multiple sleep overs, tents, dinners, and desserts (of course).

Buffalo Trip

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Every year we go to Buffalo in the winter to enjoy the snow with the girls. Last year, there was no snow, and Hailey was devastated. This year, however, Mother Nature was much kinder to us, giving us almost 18 inches. I’m pretty sure that Hailey would have stayed out in the snow the entire [...]

Vacation Eve

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Dear Hailey and Sophia, Tomorrow, Mommy and Daddy will go away as a couple for the first time since Sophia was born over three years ago. I know that this is very difficult to understand, and you may not fully understand this until you have your own children. I want to tell you that we [...]

More Fun at Grandpas

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When we come to Grandpa’s house, there’s always a lot of eating. In fact, we often plan our trip around where we’re going to eat. There was one food that I didn’t know that the girls would fall in love with – salad… We also enjoyed some fresh corn… And, of course, some world famous [...]

The Not-So-Vacation

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Just an update from not-so-sunny Florida. It’s been quite the Memorial Day weekend. We’ve had a bout with lice. Yes. Lice. A tropical storm. A tree fall over. A major furniture purchase. All in the span of just a few days. It’s been quite a whirlwind. Yet. Totally fun. Just a lot of those…well I [...]

Vacation Florida 2012

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It’s day one of our vacation with Grandma and Papa Harry in Florida, and I’ve already had to utter the phrase “don’t wipe your sister’s butt.” Not really feeling like much of a vacation, but thoroughly entertaining. Also, this is happening… Oh, and I had to put Sophia in timeout because there has been no [...]

CampPalooza 2012

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Here’s what we did this weekend…

More Pics from the Trip

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It’s the last day of vacation, and I have mixed feelings. It’s been amazing to spend the whole week focused on Hailey (and me). She’s been so loving and wonderful. Of course, I miss my little Sophia and Luke. Let’s recap some of the fun stuff that has been happening…

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