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1st Day

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Hailey had a great first day of school. She loves her new teacher and has a desk of her own. She did have a few hiccups – went to the wrong classroom twice, lost her lunch, and was put in the carpool lane instead of after school care. It’s actually a lot to go wrong [...]


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This week I’ll be coming to you from sunny Buffalo, NY. I like to call it WAB (working from Buffalo). It’s just beautiful here (in July), and we are fortunate enough to be spending the whole week. I know it’s only Monday, but a week just doesn’t seem like enough time already. Anyway, Grandpa has [...]

Hollow Leg

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Today we went to Aquatica which is a Busch Gardens property, and it was awesome!!! Two thumbs up to the park and the staff except for the ticket debacle. So, I have a ton of pictures that I’m going to post below because the day was so fun. My favorite part was all of the [...]

Hockey Day in America: Buffalo

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How lucky for us that our third day in Buffalo coincided with Hockey Day in America which meant an afternoon Sabres game for the family. Now before you say, “what were you thinking bringing two toddlers to a hockey game?,” let me say that we did have some hesitations about taking them (well at least [...]

The End of the Gas Saga

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If you read the last post about my gas being cut off, you are probably wondering if I’m wrapped in a blanket, sitting in front of an electric heater. Well, the answer is NO. At about 4:30am on the night when we had no gas, I woke up with a single idea in my brain. [...]


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Sorry, friends. I’ve been a little bit of a slacker lately. I blame the fact that I’ve been at a work conference. Ugh. It’s exhausting. Three days at a conference and I’m exhausted. In fact, this whole experience is like running a damn marathon for someone who can barely walk to the corner. Anyway, will [...]

Easy Come Easy Go

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After my proud Mama post yesterday, I thought it was ironic that this is the conversation I had with Hailey in the car this morning. Hailey: Mom, are you going to pick me up early today? Me: Yes, because you have swimming class today. Hailey: Awwww…not swimming class. Me: Wait. I thought you liked swimming. [...]

Uppers and Downers

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I had a fabulous first day of vacation today until I came in from the pool to take a shower. Then, I had a little accident whereby I dislocated my shoulder. I can hear you gasping now. Let me assure you that I did my fair share of gasping but not swearing because the girl [...]

Ahhh…the Beach

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Well, we are down in Florida at St. George Island. We drove down yesterday. Before you think that I am the worst Mom ever, I will just say that I am the worst Mom ever. I am taking my child out of school on the second week of Kindergaten. I know, it’s horrible. HORRIBLE. But [...]

Everything Old is New Again

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For Hailey, the biggest motivation for coming to Buffalo was not the beautiful weather or the opportunity to swim everyday or the amazing pizza. It was the chance to play with my old Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Granted, they don’t smell quite like they used to since all 20 smells have been stewing together in a [...]

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