Kitchen Dreams

16 Oct 2013 In: Mommy Musings

Hailey is on a kitchen kick. She loves to cook. Loves it! We have been super supportive and let her watch MasterChef Junior every week. We love it.

In fact, she had the super amazing privilege of visiting a restaurant and having a private lesson from the owner.




Oh There’s so Much to Say?

16 Oct 2013 In: sophia

What you just saw probably made no sense to you. Let me tell you that I saw it live, and the whole thing made no sense to me either.

We Survived!

3 Oct 2013 In: Illness and Medical

This weekend was a little rough in the Hamilton household. We noticed that the girls were a little wimpy on Saturday, which was confirmed when Sophia slept for 10 hours on Sunday. Yes. You read that right. She slept from 10am to 8pm. We tried to wake her several times including for lunch, but she fell asleep on the stools at the lunch counter.

Clearly, there was something very wrong. On Monday, the doctor confirmed that both girls had strep throat – “classic case,” she said. When she made the diagnosis, I immediately began to tell her how difficult it was to give Sophia medicine. Before I could even explain that last time I had to flavor the liquid three different times, she told me that they could just get a shot.

Wait! What??!?! You mean that I could just give them one shot instead of 10 days worth of liquid medicine twice a day? What the hell!?!? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this sooner? I immediately signed them up for the shot.

That’s when the CRAZY came out. The girls immediately started whining about the shot. “We’ll take our medicine. We promise,” they complained.

In my oh-so-sensitive way, I said, “well next time I tell you to take medicine and you complain about it, I want you to remember this moment because now you have to get a shot instead.” Worst mother ever. I know. I’m terrible, but we’re talking about 1 shot versus 10 days of suffering (for me…and isn’t this all about me).

So, the poor nurse comes in with two shots. Sophia immediately started crying and screaming, “I don’t want a shot, Mommy.” Hailey was very brave and hopped right on the table, but then she actually got the shot, and she melted into my arms in a pile of tears. It was very sad, but it was time for child 2.

Sophia was kind of a mess on the table until she actually got the shot at which time she stopped crying and declared, “it didn’t hurt at all.” OMG! What a crazy loon! It was like she just wanted to rub it in her sister’s face that she didn’t cry. No. It wasn’t “like” that. It was exactly that, “I didn’t cry at all,” she told everyone afterward.

They are such a study in contrasts sometimes that I wonder how they came from the same place. It’s really crazy.

Regardless, everyone has recovered now. They are back at school and swimming and running around. Thank goodness because spending 2 hours snuggling with Sophia is just to much to handle.

My sweet, sweet girl!

This is Hailey sewing on Tuesday after she was feeling better.

Camp Quotes

23 Sep 2013 In: Travel and Adventures

Some of our favorites from the weekend…

“I have a problem…my canoe is bigger than my rack.”

“Peeing in the woods is a life skill, and you’re going to have to learn eventually.”
-Me to Hailey

“Josie, don’t eat rocks. Well, that’s something I never thought I’d have to say.”

“Girls, you can’t eat chocolate until after breakfast.”

“Mom, my fishing pole is tangled AGAIN.”
-Kellen or Hailey or Sophia every 5 minutes

“I woke up, and I thought that you had thrown my phone at me because I was sleeping on top of it.”
-Angie to me (which I didn’t throw the phone at her)

“Why is my head not on a pillow and how did I fall off of the air mattress? Oh wait, I’m not even in the right room.”
-Angie after the first night

“Tonight, I won’t be so wasted that I will actually make it into the bed.”
-Angie the next night

“Do you realize that if you did that, your torch would be snuffed permanently.”
-Angie to me

“If you get them riled up again, I will put you all in the canoe together and send you out into the middle of the lake.”
-Me to Luke

“I had the bizarre experience of peeing next to my dog while she was peeing in the woods.” -Me
“Yeah, me too.” -Angie

“I’ll give you $2 if you eat that” -Luke to Kellen
“Give me the $2 and then I’ll eat it” -Kellen in response to Luke

“I love you, Sophia” -Kellen to Sophia
“I’m going to marry you, but Hailey wants to marry you too.” -Sophia in response
“Well, who wants to marry me more.” -Kellen in response

September Camping

23 Sep 2013 In: Travel and Adventures

Fall camping Part 1. I don’t even know where to begin. We set off for Lake Allatoona right after school on Thursday to begin our long weekend. The car was PACKED!

I think that poor Josie suffered the worst seat in the house.

Thursday night was gorgeous, and the kids were immediately playing in the lake which was conveniently located right behind the campsite.

Of course, as we were packing, we realized that we forgot a few things. Alright, we actually forgot quite a number of things, not the least of which was the Keurig for coffee. Yes. We bring our Keurig. This is high end camping, call it glamping if you will.

Anyway, Friday morning I took a little drive back to Atlanta to pick up what we forgot as well as this giant float!

While the kids enjoyed the giant float, I started dinner. My challenge to myself was to cook everything in the fire so I bought a huge ham to cook. Problem was that I bought the wrong type of ham, and it was not pre-cooked. So, I cooked that bad boy right on the fire while Josie guarded it.

Given that it was just our family and Angie’s family, there was so much wonderful food – smores and crepes and campfire pies. Pizzas on the camp stove and egg sandwiches and sausages…yum! Oh, and let’s not forget two batches of monkey bread.

Of course, we played lots of games…

Then there was the rain. Oh the rain. Saturday we had rain all day long until about 3pm, but that didn’t ruin the fun because we had some screen time in the tent.

Unfortunately, Sunday it was time to pack up even though the weather was great. That meant that all of the ropes and bungies suddenly became available, and this is what happens when we left the kids to their own evil devices.

In the end, everyone was pretty darn tired and exceedingly dirty. Really really dirty. A shower has never felt so darn good.

Oh the Lunchroom

18 Sep 2013 In: Hailey

I’m pretty sure that it’s been at least a year since I volunteered in the lunchroom at Hailey’s school. One glorious year of no lunchroom duty ended today.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually really enjoy spending lunch with the girls; it’s the other 200 students or so that are a bit of a nuisance. See, they are loud, and they spill crap on the floors, and they are needy. Did I mention that they’re loud? Actually, it’s not even the volume that bothers me. It’s watching all of the food that they throw away or drop on the floor.

In fact, not to self… wear sneakers next time because in my flat sandals I felt that my feet were just too close to all of the unidentifiable foods that were crunching under me at each step.

I mean…are these children raised in barns? What? Have I looked under my table recently? Well, yes, my kids are exactly the same, but they’re mine. So they get a pass. The rest of them should really learn to clean up after themselves.

And God Bless those cafeteria workers! I really don’t know how they do it.

The Value of a Buck

15 Sep 2013 In: sophia

This post is not about the girls having an allowance. On the contrary, they don’t get an allowance. Instead they earn iPad time for simple chores around the house. It’s a brilliant system really and has simultaneously limited the amount of time they spend staring at a screen and improved their usefulness around the house.

But that’s not what this post is about either. It’s about $6. You see, we try really hard to make the girls’ lunches every day, but some mornings that just doesn’t work out. The school has a system where you can add lunch money to a virtual account so that they never have to carry cash, but I’m a little behind on setting that up for Sophia. So, over the past 2 weeks, I’ve sent her into school 3 times with $2 for lunch. Each time I watch her get out of the car with 2 $1 bills in her hand to give to her teacher for lunch. So, I know that the money makes it into the school.

Thus, I was surprised when I got a note home from the school saying that we owe $5.50 for lunches that she has not paid for. What?!?! Why has she not paid for her lunches? Listen, it’s not like we can’t afford the $5.50 or that I can’t go online and set up the virtual lunch money thing so this doesn’t happen again. That’s all not really the point. The point is…where the heck is the $6 I gave her?

Let me digress for just one second and tell you about a game that Luke and I play. Luke, as you may know, is the Captain of Useless Information. Some of that information is about who sings what songs on the radio. I, on the other hand, never know who sings what, nor do I care in the slightest. Of course, one of Luke’s favorite games is to quiz me on this useless knowledge. I learned very early in our relationship that I would never win at this game, and being somewhat competitive, I don’t like to lose. Thus, whenever he asks me, I say the first and most ridiculous answer that comes into my head. For example, let’s pretend that it is a Beatles song, I might say KISS. See. The best way to not lose is to not play.

And this is very much what it is like to ask Sophia where the $6 went. She might as well be answering a completely different question because her answers make that much sense. I have even gone so far as to ask the teacher about the $6 so that I could give Sophia a little more information, but knowing that the teacher gave it to her before she went to lunch really didn’t jog her memory. So, the $6 remains missing, but the laughs I’ve had over Sophia’s explanation of where the money went are well worth the investment.

Beyond Her Years

10 Sep 2013 In: Hailey, sophia

Yesterday I had this conversation with Sophia…

Me: Sophia, why are you not brushing your teeth?
Sophia: Because Daddy wants me to play a Cars II game.
Me: [no comment...just a skeptical look]
Sophia: I know. I said “what the…”

No. She didn’t say anything after “what the….” It would have been less funny if she had actually said a swear word, but she didn’t She never does (yet I guess). She just left it at “what the….” Sometimes I just want to have a camera to follow the girls around because they are hysterical. Well, Fifi is hysterical and Hailey is about the sweetest kid EVER.

The only problem with Fifi being hysterical is that she knows she is. She’s like the family clown, constantly looking for her next laugh. I wonder if she’s the same at school or if there’s a kid who plays the clown card better than she does. It’s certainly possible that there is someone funnier than Sophia, but I certainly haven’t met them yet.

Missing a Step

9 Sep 2013 In: Hailey

Hailey’s school is having a Boosterthon Fun Run. You might not know exactly what that is, but you can probably guess. It’s a fundraiser where they have to get pledges from their friends/family. When they get the pledges, they can go online and enter their information.

The brochure they gave her has a script to use when the kids call people. Hailey didn’t quite get the requirements related to getting pledges. Instead, she just kept insisting that she wanted to put her pledges online. What? How are you going to put pledges online if you don’t have any?

So, tonight I required her to call some family members to ask for a pledge. She was so funny with it. She would start to go off script a little and then she would have to start over with the script. I will have to try to get it on film tomorrow :)

Ice Cream Flu

3 Sep 2013 In: sophia

I’m not feeling well today. There’s a bit of a cold going around these days. I’ve retired to the bedroom, but this is the conversation that I just heard:

Sophia: Daddy, can I have some ice cream?
Luke: I thought that you weren’t feeling well.
Sophia: Well, it’s not the flu. It’s just my germs or my giggles.
Luke: Wait, your giggles are hurting?

Oh boy…what this kid won’t say to get what she wants.

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