Ball Hog

20 Aug 2013 In: sophia

Well, Miss Sophia started soccer practice today. We clearly have the opposite problem with her as we had with Hailey. Hailey was so timid with soccer that she looked more like she was casually inviting people into her area of the field than defending it. In fact, we were thrilled if she touched the ball one time in the entire course of a game. Not Sophia! She won’t give it up.

I can’t really describe how good she is after one practice, but I will tell you that she is pretty damn good. The other kids kept tripping over themselves and each other. They would lose the ball, run in different directions, shoot at the wrong goal, etc. Not Sophia. She was laser focused. When the coach told her to score, she would score, despite all odds. In fact, there was only one incident when she was maybe too aggressive. Sure she threw a little girl to the ground, but that kid was tugging on her arm. And, after dealing with Hailey’s shyness on the field, I was not about to correct Sophia. Let ‘em play!

You can see the arm tugging incident in the second video that follows. Note that Sophia is in long black pants and a tie dyed shirt. Sorry I didn’t get in closer to the action. Next time!

WP 20130820 012 from luke hamilton on Vimeo.

WP 20130820 016 from luke hamilton on Vimeo.

Sunday Morning

18 Aug 2013 In: Sibling Stories

I actually woke up before the girls today. That fact is completely irrelevant to the story, but I wanted it on record anyway.

The actualy story is this…the girls very very rarely ever watch TV. In part that’s because we don’t have cable, but it’s also b/c I don’t want them watching a lot of commercials, and we don’t have any way to fast forward through them on regular TV. This morning though Hailey wanted to watch a show called Liberty’s Kids which is about historical heroes. Ugh. Historical heroes like Ben Franklin (narrated by Walter Cronkite), how can I resist?

Well, there are commercials on these morning shows, and shockingly, they are directly targeting my dear daughters’ ages. So, now this has become a social experiment for me. I’m going to see how many of these products they actually ask for either in the next few weeks or for Christmas. So far we’ve seen some gems -Tummy Stuffers – a stuffed animal that you can shove blankets or other animals inside of, Stompeez – slippers that open their eyes when you walk, and Seat Pets which is a stuffed animal that attaches to the seat belt to make it more comfortable.

Oh…ding ding ding. We have a winner. Sophia just asked for a Seat Pet. And so it begins…

Interpretive Learning

15 Aug 2013 In: sophia

I always think that it’s hysterical when Sophia relays what happened at school each day. Last year I was able to talk to her teacher every day to find out what actually happened. Now, her teacher is long gone before I get there after 5:00pm (oh yeah, because school ends at 2:15 which is another rant that needs to happen soon).

Anyway, the stories are interpretive, as in I’m trying to interpret what the hell she is talking about. Today’s story was the clearest since the first day. When I picked her up, the first words out of her mouth were “I saw someone throwed up on the floor.” Check. Got it.

Yesterday was a mystery “I drank green water.” What?!?!? Green water? Did she find a water bottle filled with pee on the playground? Was her teacher giving 4-year-olds green Kool-Aid? I have no idea. I probed for about 10 minutes before I gave up. I would email her teacher to ask, but frankly, I’d have to ask her at least 3 times a week what is happening in the classroom. It doesn’t seem like a good use of anyone’s time. Then again, my child could be drinking moldy water (which go nicely with the moldy bread she ate a few weeks ago). Eh. I just can’t win.

Master Chef Junior

14 Aug 2013 In: Husband Stories

Luke and I love to cook. Well, Luke loves to cook. I just CAN cook, and I mostly do it for utilitarian reasons using other people’s recipes. I’m a recipe type of gal. Luke is a maverick – I know you’re shocked about that. He never cooks using just one recipe, has no formal training, and produces some of the most elegant, beautiful dishes that I’ve ever seen (even though he serves me about 2 hours after I’m hangry and have eaten a handful of Cheerios, a stale donut, and anything else within eyesight).

That’s just background to the story of ridiculousness that I’m about to unleash on you. It’s a big pile of fishy ridiculousness.

Let’s begin. Luke wants to be in Master Chef, which he could probably win if he could bake and cook things in under 3 hours. He’s that good. Anyway, we let the girls watch Master Chef with us so that they can also “judge” Luke’s food.

Thus, when we heard that there would be a Master Chef Junior, Hailey immediately insisted that we train her to compete. I interpreted this interest in cooking as an opportunity to teach her about fractions and reading recipes and breaking eggs and cutting with a dull knife. That is what I was thinking. Then, Luke came home from the market with fish for her to learn to fillet. Wait, did you get that? It was two whole fish with the heads on. With the heads ON!

Now, I’m not a fish snob, but please let me submit these objections to you:

1. I don’t like cooking things that are staring at me in the pan (see exhibit A below)

Exhibit A

2. When I say buy fish for dinner, I means something that I can season and throw on the grill, not something that I’m likely to cut my finger off trying to prep

3. Hailey is 7 and can’t even use a knife. Now, she’s going from trying not to spill flour all over the floor when she measures it to filleting a fish

4. Said fish with the heads on was purchased on the Sunday before school started the next day. Oh and Luke left for California on Monday.

Yeah. So there’s that. It’s ok though. We rocked that fish tonight. ROCKED IT! With just a YouTube video and some dull-ass knives as our guide. The best part was watching the girls “wash” it in the sink. It was fantastic, and the final product was pretty great too.

First Day

12 Aug 2013 In: Teachable Moments

Today was the first day of school! The first day at Montgomery ever for Sophia. She was so excited, but had a few jitters when we finally made it to the classroom. She didn’t cry, but there were some tears welling up in her eyes. Of course, by the time I picked her up, she didn’t want to leave. She was too busy playing with a “big girl computer” to bother coming home.

Hailey also had a wonderful day. She had a few new kids in her class and many that she’s known for three years now. It’s pretty cool to see this whole group of kids grow up together.

Here are a few pictures…

Back to Reality

11 Aug 2013 In: Mommy Musings

Tomorrow is the first day of school for both of my little munchkins. So, it’s probably time that I also get back to reality with the blog. I unofficially took the summer off (as you may have noticed). When I finally get around to posting about the summer, you’ll understand why I couldn’t possibly fit one more thing in.

For one thing, we took tons of trips this summer (and by we I mean mostly the girls). In fact, the girls spent a total of three weeks away from us in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and Poughkeepsie, NY. We as a family took several trips – Orlando and Buffalo. Even Luke and I managed to get away for an adult trip to Vegas.

We also took multiple trips to 6 Flags Over Georgia, the pool, the playground, etc. For the most part, we were always on the go. I really should have the girls summarize their favorite parts about the summer because they had a ton of very awesome and unique experiences.

But now we are back to the reality of going to school in the morning, which means that I’ll have to wake up to an alarm instead of to Sophia snuggling up next to me. I’ll miss that morning snuggle time during the week. I hate that rush rush rush in the morning, so I’ll have to savor my snuggle time on the weekends.

Speaking of Sophia, she starts pre-k at Hailey’s school this year. Oh yes, she won the pre-k lottery to get in. I’m still amazed that her name was picked, but I am ever so grateful. It will be a major improvement to only have one stop in the morning and afternoon. Plus, I won’t have to listen to Sophia beg me to go to Hailey’s school every day. Luke and I agree that even though she’s going to a new school with new kids, Sophia will be just fine. She just needs an audience, and it won’t matter much who it is.

Then there’s Hailey. She was thrilled to find out that she has the 2nd grade teacher that she was hoping for. Plus, she got into Girl Scouts and will be on the YMCA swim team again. She’s so excited for school tomorrow that she was begging to go to bed. What a treat!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!

Back to Normal

18 Jun 2013 In: Mommy Musings

We are back from the Orlando trip this week, and it’s been a bit of a rough transition. Unlike me who was excited to be back in my own bed, the girls used the opportunity to develop another fear of the dar. Maybe I should say “fear of the dark” (in giant quotes and asterisks) since I’m pretty sure that they are really just stalling.

So, I have a ton of putting stuff away to do downstairs, but they always beg me to stay in the playroom when they are “scared of the dark.” I guess I’ll be up here for a while. Maybe I’ll finally finish my vacation blog!


5 Jun 2013 In: sophia

Strep Suck!!! It’s just totally terrible. Horrendous! Miserable! Horrible!

I had strep a lot as a child. I don’t know why I got it so much, but I remember it being just a reason to stay home from school. Then, I got strep as an adult, and I was shocked at how painful it was. OMG! Between the fever and the throat pain and the just general suffering, I was miserable.

Unfortunately, my little angel who will say, “it’s just blood” when it’s inconvenient for her to get worked up about a scrape, suddenly was completely sidelined by strep this week. I can’t blame her at all. She was a mess. Fever, cranky, not eating, etc. Just all of the yuckiness of strep.

I think I caved on every rule…I slept in her bed, I gave her ice cream for lunch, I let her watch hours of Wild Kratts. Whatever it took to make her happy, that’s what I did. Then, yesterday she refused to take a nap, and I knew that she was finally better. So, off to school she went today. It will take me months to undo what has been done, but it was worth it.


23 May 2013 In: sophia

Sometimes I just don’t even know what to do with these little nuggets. I love it when I can get them on tape.


22 May 2013 In: Lessons in Motherhood

Spring is upon us in Atlanta. Actually, it’s just about summer here, and we’ve been super busy. Between planting the garden, picking strawberries, finishing up school, losing teeth, playing in the park, and just generally carrying on, we’ve been moving pretty quickly around here. Not much time for writing, but we’ve had so much fun.

I don’t really know where to start to catch up so maybe I’ll just post some pictures and call it a day…

Hailey lost her first front tooth for which she received a $2 bill from the tooth fairy.

Sophia learned to pop and lock or whatever ice cream inspired dancing this is.

We painted beautiful flower pots…



Sophia got yes another bruise on her noggin’ and continued to harass the cats.

Everyone rode horses, and someone learned to hula hoop.


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